Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Pink Dandy Christmas Tree

Hey Dandy Lovers!

Tis the season to decorate your favorite Christmas tree with your favorite Christmas ornaments and in true Dandy fashion, we have decorated our tree with Dandy bling and pizazz! Last year was our first Dandy Christmas so we hunted down a pink tree (because it would't be a Dandy tree if it were anything but pink!)

In college I was a server at Cracker Barrel and was able to get 50% off all Christmas decoration/ornaments so literally half of our ornaments are from my college Christmas tree (cracker barrel inspired, of course!) The rest are from customers, family members and friends who have donated "dandy-esque" ornaments to the Dandy tree. Quirky & fab is a recurring Dandy Lion theme so we have decorated our gift bags and chalk boards to match the overall Dandy Christmas motif! Enjoy! xoxo

ps. it would't be Christmas in the South without Christmas embellished cotton :)

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