Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wanderlust Wednesday: Tallahassee, FL

Hey Dandy Lovers!

Happy Wanderlust Wednesday! Today's travels take us to my amazing hometown, Tallahassee FL! Tallahassee has so much to offer and even though it is a smaller city in Florida, it is one of the most unique & local cities in the whole state. The list of things to do is really endless, especially when it comes to local food, shopping and parks. 

When it comes to food, my favorite restaurant in the whole wide world is right in midtown called Kool Beanz Cafe. Kool Beanz is a restaurant unlike any other and they use locally raised produce and ingredients in every unique reciepe. Their menu is seasonal so it changes consistently and this is the only restaurant where I would say that literally everything on the menu is going to be delicious! Check out the Kool Beanz Cafe website here!

Kool Beanz also features local artists for the restaurant decor so it is like eating in a quirky local art gallery. My favorite local Tally artist is Pattie Maney and she is one of the featured artists in the restaurant. Click here to see more of Pattie Maney's amazing art! 

Tallahassee also has a huge food truck following, which is always a ton of fun! Food Truck Thursday is always a personal destination in downtown Tally and here is more info for locations, specific food trucks etc. 

Also grab a delicious cupcake at Lucy & Leo's Cupcakery in midtown, their original location! Check out their website here

Tallahassee has some of the best local boutiques, and these specific stores were a huge inspiration for me to open up my very own shop! Cole Couture is a great boutique also located in Midtown, check out their website here

photo via Southern Living

Check out the quirkiest area in Tally which is Railroad Art Park! It is basically like a hippie/artist paradise with random vendors, shops, art studios, yoga studio, etc. For more info on Railroad Art Park, click here.  

Wakulla Springs is the last stop on our Tally adventure. I have been visiting once a month, each summer since I was 7 and it is the most peaceful daycation/escape into nature. For more information on Wakulla, click here.

I hope you enjoyed your mental vacation to Tallahassee, FL! Have a happy Wanderlust Wednesday, Dandy Lovers! 


The DLB Team 

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