Monday, July 15, 2013

Dandy SOS Animal Shelter Volunteer Day

Hey Dandy Lovers!

Over the weekend, Cortney and I went to volunteer at SOS Animal Shelter and it was a heartbreaking experience. The first thing we did was wash 6 bulldog mix puppies, who were so tiny and adorable! At one point, their kennel accidentally unlatched and it was like a mass swarm of puppy chaos. I am surprised I didn't pull a Megan from Bridesmaids and take 10 puppies at once! 

We met three of the four employees who run the shelter all day and night...and the one word to describe their job is selfless. There is zero government funding and the SOS relies solely on donations.  

The SOS needs tons of supplies constantly, and spending just a few hours volunteering in the shelter changed both Cortney and me, which kicked us into dandy-momentum! The DLB donated 8 bags of dog food (kibbles and bits is apparently everyones fav,) 3 boxes of kitty litter, 3 bottles of Dawn soap, 5 bottles of bleach, three bags of cat food, and 21 cans of wet cat food. We barely crossed off half of the items on the SOS Wish List above, so if you are interested in donating, adopting, or simply supporting, like the SOS Animal Shelter on Facebook here!

Also keep up with our Dandy Doggie Donations to SOS on our Facebook here!

Have a happy week, Dandy Lovers and remember to kiss your dandy doggies and kitties goodnight! They are lucky to have you :)  


The DLB Team

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