Monday, July 29, 2013

Dandy Lover of The Week: Brandee B.

 Hey Dandy Lovers!

Since so many of you are not just customers, but dear, long-lost friends..we decided to spotlight an amazing Dandy Lover each week! Our first Dandy Lover of the Week is Brandee B. who is originally from Bozeman, Montana! Brandee first started shopping with us when she and her fiancé moved to Ft. Rucker for flight school, and since then she has been one of our most fabulous Dandy Lovers yet!

Brandee is extremely talented and she not only does killer graphic design but also makes amazing jewelry from all kinds of quirky items like spoons, forks, bottle caps, etc.

Visit Brandee's online website to learn more about her mad skills here!



Brandee and a few other Dandy Girls at Emily's Kentucky Derby Party! 

Two of our favorite Dandy Lovers, Brandee and Emily!

Brandee rocking her chevron DLB tunic at MODA in Atlanta! 

A group shot from Brandee's goodbye party/trunk show at The DLB! Such a fun night!

Another trunk show group shot! 

Have fun heading back to Bozeman, y'all! It looks AWFUL ;) 

And last but not least, a pic of Brandee and her fiancé Sean before a flight! Congrats on your engagement, graduation, and your future together in Bozeman, MT! We miss you already but we will see you again soon, hopefully on my Montana road trip! 


The DLB Team

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