Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wanderlust Wednesday: New Orleans

Hey Dandy Lovers, 

Today our Wanderlust Wednesday is one of the most colorful cities in the world, NOLA! New Orleans has such a cool, eclectic, artistic vibe that is unlike any other. The history and culture are so unique and when I travelled to New Orleans last summer, I instantly felt like I was in a cool European city but mixed in with lots of daiquiris and delicious cajun food! 

There is SO much to do in New Orleans, it is pretty hard to pick and choose. Of course there is Mardi Gras, which is every year and I have yet to go, but it sounds incredible! Also there are tons of food and musical festivals yearly which can all be found here!

Luckily when I went to Nola last year, a good friend Maggie was our "local tour guide" since she and her family are from Gretna, right outside of New Orleans. Here are some of the spots we checked out, hope you enjoy this mental Nola escape! 


The DLB Team 

The infamous Jackson Square

Love all of the balconies and terraces in New Orleans! 

Beads, beads, beads....

Simon Hardeveld’s sign shop, a New Orleans art staple on the corner of Jackson Avenue & Magazine St.  

Tons of amazing restaurants on Magazine St. 

Amazing architecture all over the city!

Perch is an amazing home interior boutique on Magazine St. 

Sarah Ashley Longshore, my favorite artist in the universe has her gallery in New Orleans

Local art is literally on every corner of every street. Get those creative juices flowing! 

As you can tell, we spent lots of time getting our shop on Magazine St.

Last but not least, a little Bourbon St. action. Pictures above is myself and my best friend, Jon, getting our daiquiri on while doing some of the best people watching in the world! 

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  1. Is the picture of the beads in a tree something you took? I am trying to find the original source of that photograph.