Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wanderlust Wednesday: Downtown Thomasville, Georgia

Hey Dandy Lovers!

Happy Wanderlust Wednesday, our favorite day of the week! This week our Wanderlust Wednesday spotlights the most charming town...Thomasville, Georgia. I originally heard about downtown Thomasville because it is 45 min outside of Tallahassee (my hometown.) You would never know to stop until you get downtown and catch a glimpse of the amazing local businesses thriving with people.  

There is a ton to do and it will probably take you a whole day to go into every single store and/or restaurant (which I highly suggest!) 

For more information on Downtown Thomasville, click here.

Love the south...

Any downtown that YARNBOMS is dandy approved :) Don't know what yarnbombing is? Let your mind be blown here!

So cool to see what used to be in downtown Thomasville. 

Here are some of my must-see Thomasville spots...

The best grits you will ever have (even if you don't like grits!)
Also, get the blackened shrimp and tons of hushpuppies....

A super cool mix of kitchen & gift store plus a runner store/paradise

The best bookstore combined with the best cupcake store. 'Nuff said! 
The original Lucy & Leo's is in Tallahassee here. 

My favorite boutique in Thomasville! 

Love the cotton trimming in the fall....

Hope you enjoyed your mental vacation in Thomasville! Life can be hectic so make sure to find time to travel often and shop local if at all possible! 


The DLB Team

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