Monday, June 24, 2013

Mi Casa Monday: Prints, Prints, & More Prints

Hey Dandy Lovers!

Even though The DLB carries clothing, jewels, and quirky gift items, we still absolutely love interior design. This weeks "Mi Casa Monday" will celebrate our love for bright, crazy, unique, and wild patterns used on anything that will stand still. Some enjoy simplicity, but I am a "more is more is more" kinda gal, especially when it comes to patterns. Even pattern on pattern on pattern is welcome in mi casa. Here are some personal pattern favs, enjoy and have a happy MONDAY! 

1. How cool are these pattern-crazed sheets? The cool chalkboard background just highlights the awesome patterns & colors! 

2. Who doesn't love the classic polka dot? Polka, polka, polka! 

3. Now this is what I call eclectic! Pattern everywhere! 

4. I spy with my little eye, chevron, chevron, then more chevron! 

5. One of my favorite combos is a random cheetah print thrown into the mix, no matter what the room colors may be! Pop art meets classic print is the best. 

6. How nuts is this CHAIR?! Throne of crazy, my kinda style!

7. I love this 70s vibe with the aztec chair and brown chevron rug, added with quirky frames, books, and that amazing leather tufted green couch, to die for!

8. This pattern adds so much fun to this room, love a pop of pink and any kind of random wallpaper is ok by me. 

9. This headboard is TO DIE FOR! Very modern Marie Antoinette! 

10. Pattern on pattern on pattern, the best combo!

11. The perfect ending to a crazy pattern post! 


The DLB Team

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