Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mi Casa Monday: The Dandy Lion Boutique

Hey Dandy Lovers,

Since mi casa might as well be The Dandy Lion Boutique, we definitely need to flip through some vintage dandy snapshots! The DLB has truly transformed in the past year and a half of being in business. Usually those who were able to see the store in the first few months of being opened are shocked when they come back in the store to see what has changed....

My first day with the keys! On my 22nd birthday Nov. 27, 2011 one month before graduating college. How scary! 

Our first window display was everything covered in newspaper! Thank you J.Crew for the early career inspiration. 

Our 4th of July window in 2012! 

   The beginning of our chalk paint obsession. 

Our Back To School display, with amazing paper airplanes all throughout the store! We miss your window displays Maggie Overby! 

Followed by our beautiful Christmas display, with a personal newly bejeweled snowboard :)

And now we are in the amazing summer of 2013! Cannot wait to see what the future holds. 

And I will leave you with this pic, my FAVORITE! This was taken from the upstairs on the very first day of being open in January 2012! It has changed and progressed into such a crazy mix of decor, merchandise and energy...very lucky to have The DLB in business. Would be lost without it!

Happy Monday Dandy Lovers!


The DLB Team 

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