Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dandy Lion Winter Fashion Show & Storefront

Hey Dandy Lovers,

We have been MAJORLY busy at The Dandy Lion Boutique, with tons of different stuff going on. First of all, we finished our Christmas window display!! We wanted something fun and different for our very first holiday window, and also something non-traditional (in true Dandy spirit!)

The DLB also participated in the Girls Club Fashion Show Event with several local merchants including The Dandy Lion!! We had 11 girls from Astra Girls Club model for The DLB, and it was such a blast. We even made cotton bouquets from a local farmer, bejeweled an umbrella AND bejeweled an eye-mask for our Pajama Model, Candice.

Didn't our girls look ADORABLE?! I hope y'all have a very Dandy week and remember to have fun with your wardrobe, every single day!


Owner & Buyer
The Dandy Lion Boutique

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