Sunday, October 28, 2012

Americana Y'all

Hey Dandy Lovers,

I am an Americana crazy person, and it is perfect because Americana is super trendy this season (even though it isn't July.) One of the reasons why I love the USA theme so much, is simply because it is CLASSIC! Denim, dark navy, royal blue, bright reds and stripes. And stars? You can't ask for a more perfect combination, and a more patriotic one at that. Here are my top Americana picks this fall!


Shop the {Americana Denim Jacket} and {Oversized Aztec Sweater} on

{Americana Denim Jacket} $52

{Oversized Aztec Sweater} $42

Use checkout code "AmericanDandy1" to receive 20% off either items. The other images are from Pinterest!

Have a fabulous week Dandy Lovers!

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