Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Present

Hey Dandy Lovers,

So I am obsessed with Pinterest, along with every other female in the world.... and for great reasons! One of the reasons why I love pinning so much is because it is inspiring and thoughtful. I get to share awesome ideas with all of the world and vice versa. The internet can be used for some serious sketchiness, but it is also used for a whole lotta awesome! Pinning shares and highlights everything awesome out there in the world, and it has definitely changed the way I live life :) Pretty cool.

Anywho, my boyfriend (Patrick) recently graduated from flight school in Ft. Rucker, AL. He is now moving to NV to go fly Blackhawks and I wanted to make a thoughtful and creative gift....

So I wrapped the present in a map of where we met....in Level Plains, AL. Haha :)

I used ribbon scraps to tape on the map wrap! Make a bump in the ribbon by rolling tape underneath to really pop!

Cut out little hearts out of red paper and taped a couple on! I love a red, black and white contrast...

Made a shadow box (so saw on Pinterest, again) of some shells from our South Carolina trip, his brand new wings, a picture of us at graduation, and the awesome Level Plains map! Kinda cheesy, but I think cheesy isn't always a bad thing :)

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I had a super exciting day of buying.... lots and lots of good things to come in The Dandy Lion's path...yay!


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  1. I absolutely love this! You are so creative Ashlee. I'm going to try to stop in the store in the next couple of days so hopefully you are around!

    1. Thanks Candace!! Hopefully you can come catch up, I feel like so much has happened!! I will be around the rest of the week/weekend :) And Saturday I am doing a huge sidewalk sale!