Monday, September 17, 2012

Gourdgeous Dandy Gourds

Hey Dandy Lovers,

At The Dandy Lion Boutique, we celebrate holidays to the MAX! Halloween is creeping up on us, so we decided to give a gourd-DIY pumpkin makeover to our Dandy pumpkins. I have seen on Pinterest a bunch of different styles that are beautiful (my favs are the chevron pumpkins) but at The Dandy Lion, our style is a little bit more eccentric and crazy!

We did some different varieties of gourd-geous gourds at The Dandy with paint pens for the chevron pattern (we free handed it for a crazier look, you can also use painters tape for a cleaner style)....

For this Dandy gourd we used all kinds of ribbons (mostly scraps work well for the pumpkin since you don't need a whole lot) and we hot-glued them from one end to the other. This gourd-geous gourd turned out to be super cool and quirky!

Then we have our gourd-geous metallic pumpkin lined with pearls...we spray painted the metallic color then hot glued each pearl in. I like this pumpkin because it is very Marie Antoinette! 

Had to get a shot of our new Dandy Lion windows and the bejeweled bench of course! A Dandy staple in our outside decor. 

Here I am posing with our gourd-geous pumpkins!

And there we have The Dandy Lion's gourd-geous gourds! Have a great day and remember to stay Dandy!


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The Dandy Lion Boutique 

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  1. Good morning, Ashlee! This is such a FUN post!! Stopping by to let you know that I featured your fabulous ribbon pumpkin on my blog today: ... Thanks for sharing! Hope you're enjoying a fantastic Fall!