Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dandy Interiors: At Home with Ashlee Pt.1

Hey Dandy Lovers,

I thought it would be cool to give you guys a glimpse into my bedroom. I like a super random mix with my bedroom interiors, to go along with my super random life! Every time I move, I completely redo my deco to match where I am living. Now that I live in Alabama, my room has gotten very colorful because of some colorful people I have met here in Enterprise.

Custom Fabric Pillow by Maggie Overby Studios 

Maggie Overby Studios is located on the second level of The Dandy Lion Boutique. She does custom design and is super awesome and talented. We both envision "Anthropologie" when we have a project,  which makes decorating with her super fun!

I love my Maggie Overby Art and Silhouets!  

I love The Beatles and the 60s really fascinate me! I also enjoy a coffee table book, especially for deco!

I have a mix of jewelry from everywhere! I love mixing high & low accessories together.

I am a sucker for Kate Spade!!

My puppy-bear Charlie is so crazy! He was lucky enough to get included in the Family photo shoot....

I spy....Missoni for Target (I went nuts)  

Notice any Alabama influence?

His life is so hard....

Reminds me of my life in Bamberg, Germany! I miss it so much!

This poster is from when my mom went to Oktoberfest back in the day :)

Spoiled Kunu!

Hope you enjoyed the first part of my bedroom interiors! Pt. 2 to come....

Owner & Buyer
The Dandy Lion Boutique 

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