Monday, August 20, 2012

Ruffles & Knits

Hey Dandy Lovers, 

    Since I live in complete in Enterprise, Alabama I often daydream about cold weather. I grew up in Germany and Japan for the majority of my life and every summer it was hot, then every winter it was cold. Then when I moved to Tampa in 2007, I learned to really cherish cold weather. 

    Today's weather in Enterprise was surprise,, humid and stormy! I am yearning to wear something cozy and comfortable (because being comfortable is my number one priority!) So I ordered from one of my absolute favorite brands ever, Alternative Apparel, and seemed to find threads that are both cozy, comfy and soft yet breathable to this fall aka summer heat. 

This Alternative Apparel wrap is an eco-cotton knit with horizontal grey stripes. I love Alternative Apparel based on their comfort and laid-back style. 

(The Dandy Lion is well known for carrying the Alternative Apparel eco-cotton maxi dress.)


Ruffled Dandy Essential Dress available at The Dandy Lion Boutique
$46 available in Midnight Black and Uh-Oh Coral 

     I wore my Ruffled Dandy Essential Dress in aqua (sold out in aqua, still available in black and coral) so I could mix casual with dressy. I love proportions in any outfit, and my rule of thumb is balance. For example, in this specific outfit I am wearing a "baggier" top so I can show my legs without the entire look being to revealing. And the same rule works vice versa.... if you wear a looser fit on the bottom half, accentuate the top half with a more flattering neckline and fit. If an outfit is lacking that balance, you can either look frumpy, or on the other end of the spectrum, revealing. 

Favid Furman, just like David Yurman...only you can buy mass quantities to layer with! 

Cable Wire Favid Furman located at The Dandy Lion Boutique: $32  


       A fun side-note about this Louis Vuitton bag...when I was a senior in high school, my mom and I went to London to look at a possible college and on our London weekend adventure, we went to Harrods (AAAHH!) and found the BEST high-end vintage boutiques in the neighborhood. I saved up enough money from my after-school job at the Commissary on base to purchase this beloved LV cross-body bag. In love ever since...

     Cable Wire Favid Furman located at The Dandy Lion Boutique: $32                                                 

The Chandelier Bauble Earring located at The Dandy Lion Boutique: $16 (sold out in white, available in black, coral, purple, light blue)

Stay Stylish & Dandy


Owner & Buyer
The Dandy Lion Boutique

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