Sunday, August 26, 2012

Local Find: Art Park in Tallahassee, FL

Hey Dandy Lovers, 

I had the best Sunday in Tallahassee this weekend, thanks to a bunch of local Tallahassee treasures. First we went to my absolute favorite restaurant in the whole world, Kool Beanz Cafe. If you have never been, you must go! It is worth the trip, no matter how far from Tally you may be. 

After brunch, we then headed to a really cool art-community type park, filled with random art studios, local eats, a super cool vintage shop, a free yoga studio, and the list goes on. What I love about Art Park is the creative atmosphere surrounding the entire park. The local Tallahassee community has really expanded and grown in the past few years, which makes me so happy! The stronger a local economy can grow, the more small businesses can thrive, just like The Dandy Lion Boutique

To check out what else Tallahassee has to locally offer, click here.

Looking to shop in Tally? Check out Urban Threads, there are two locations and they sell discounted Free People, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, J.Crew and much more.

Scroll down to see my Art Park pics from the weekend...

Plywood Studio

Love a flower wall

Bright colors...

Lots of quirky mailboxes!


Free yoga studio

More shops...

Can't resist a flower picture!

 Cool car! 

Hope you enjoyed and get a chance to check out everything that the awesome city of Tallahassee has to offer! 


Owner & Buyer
The Dandy Lion Boutique

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