Friday, August 24, 2012

Ich liebe Bamberg


I am dedicating this blog post to Bamberg, Germany and for oh-so many reasons. I even made a list of my favorite places and memories, with the help of digging through old Facebook pictures! 

I first moved to Bamberg in September 2000 and was lucky enough to spend the next seven years attending Bamberg American High School. I graduated with only 44 others, and we were able to experience the most amazing trips, vacations, cities and countries, all while attending high school.

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A view of a Bavarian town, right outside of Bamberg. 

The Rose Garden in Downtown Bamberg

Prom at Giechburg Castle 2005 

German ice-cream, served in a tea cup. What more do I have to say?

Watching a World Cup game in downtown Bamberg. Watching soccer is such an awesome summertime activity in Europe. 

Snowboarding is always the best winter activity in Germany. Bamberg is only 3 hours away from Garmisch, Germany where Edelweiss Lodge is located. (The best vacation lodge for military families!)

Garmisch 1970s via google

There is still more to come, since all of the best things about Bamberg and Germany can't fit into just one blogpost! Part 2 will be on the way.....


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