Thursday, August 30, 2012

Arm Candy Lovin'

Hey Dandy Lovers, 

Tonight, we celebrate Arm Candy! And for oh-so many I made a list. These are the top 5 reasons why Arm Candy is a gal's essential trend this fall. 

1. Who doesn't love/need a watch? Especially in a pastel color (like mint, my FAV) which is huge this season.

via: Anthropology 

2. The "Infinity" is adorable and classic. What I love about the infinity symbol is how delicate it is on smaller chains and dainty leather bracelets. Love!

3. The "Side Cross" is definitely a Dandy favorite this summer and continuing into fall. There are so many fun and different ways to mix these jewels and layer up. I love a huge variety on my personal Arm Candy, so have fun with it!

4. Neon Arm Candy is the best, because it is subtle but also stands out. A cool thing about wearing neon accessories is the fact that it makes your skin look glowing, even if you haven't been out in the sun! 

5.  Mixin' it UP is the final and best reason of all for Arm Candy! I love when there is no rhyme or reason into your Arm Candy mash-up, and that is the whole point. I change my own bracelet patterns based on how I am feeling that morning! 

Have an amazing Labor Day weekend! I am off to South Carolina...yay! Stay Dandy...


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The Dandy Lion Boutique


  1. Just found your blog and am in love! Loving that mint watch!!

    Xo Meghan

  2. Hey Meghan!

    Right back atcha!! Love your blog as well :) xoxo