Friday, July 20, 2012

A Floridian Brunch

Hey Dandy Lovers,

I went to Tampa, FL over the weekend to visit friends from the USF college days, and since there were so many people and such little time, I invited everyone to my friend Jon's for a "Floridian Brunch" aka cheap champagne and box-ready baked goods (easy as pie!)

We basically added several decorative pieces from all around his apartment to give the table a really cool and quirky center piece (including fresh flowers, always a super nice touch and a small bouquet is only $5 or $10.)

The true hero of the brunch shindig was our "Krispy Kreme Pyramid," because honestly, who doesn't love a fresh Krispy combined with day drinking?

Another nice touch is always, always have a delicious smelling candle burning when guests come over. I sell these at The Dandy Lion so whenever I go visit Jon, he always gets a fresh new Aspen Bay Candle. Our favorite is usually Volcano but this time we tried Aloha Orchid, the companies second best selling scent (these also are found in Anthroplogie!) 

Jon and I constantly attempt to make deliciously homemade items, but in this case, we had about an hour of prep time aka boxed apple streusel muffins! We thought since we made them "mini" no one would notice or ask, and we were right. They were a hit, especially hot out of the oven with melted butter.

Finally, fresh fruit added the final touches to our spread of easy prep, delicious food items. We placed fresh blueberries, raspberries and blackberries all along the table so they were an easy item to just munch on or add to your yogurt, drink, etc. All in all, we spent maybe $30, had some friends bring a bottle of cheap champagne and everyone had a blast! It was an awesome last day in Tampa.

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