Friday, January 3, 2014

Rose Bowl Dandy Outfit Ideas

Hey Dandy Lovers!

Here are some outfit ideas for the upcoming Rose Bowl! Whether you are headed to Cali or to a fun party right here in Alabama, you can look adorable & dandy in your new Auburn dandy threads. Check it out here, and remember if you spend over $75 this weekend you will receive a free pair of printed leggings! See you soon, Dandy Lovers! TGIF!


The DLB Team

Multi-Sequined Stunner Tee online here. 

Orange Piko Top online here.

Blue For You Printed Piko Top online here.

Royal Fiesta Shirt Dress online here. 

Shimmy Shake Print Leggings online here. 

Order Royal Blue Piko Top online here.

Navy Chevron High-Low Piko Top online here.

Orange Tribal Shirt Dress online here.

Royal Blue Short Sleeve Piko Top online here.

Ellery Top in Ivory online here.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sneak Peek at The DLB's New Arrivals

Hey Dandy Lovers!

This week is going to be a very exciting week at The Dandy Lion Boutique! Monday through Friday we will be getting new arrivals at both Enterprise & Cloverdale locations! The new arrivals include fun aztec dresses with fringe or sequins, adorable printed tops, holiday flannel, more colors in the oh-so popular elbow patch cardigans, and PIKO tops galore to include black, heather grey, dark grey, white, fuchsia, green, navy, and more.

Here is a special sneak peek to some of the newest styles coming your way! Enjoy and if you would like to shop early, select items are available online now. Have a Dandy week and remember only 16 shopping days till Christmas! xoxo

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Pink Dandy Christmas Tree

Hey Dandy Lovers!

Tis the season to decorate your favorite Christmas tree with your favorite Christmas ornaments and in true Dandy fashion, we have decorated our tree with Dandy bling and pizazz! Last year was our first Dandy Christmas so we hunted down a pink tree (because it would't be a Dandy tree if it were anything but pink!)

In college I was a server at Cracker Barrel and was able to get 50% off all Christmas decoration/ornaments so literally half of our ornaments are from my college Christmas tree (cracker barrel inspired, of course!) The rest are from customers, family members and friends who have donated "dandy-esque" ornaments to the Dandy tree. Quirky & fab is a recurring Dandy Lion theme so we have decorated our gift bags and chalk boards to match the overall Dandy Christmas motif! Enjoy! xoxo

ps. it would't be Christmas in the South without Christmas embellished cotton :)

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Support Small Business Saturday

Good Morning Dandy Lovers!

Today is a fabulous day in America! Support Small Business Saturday has become my new favorite holiday and I am so excited to share my passion for shopping locally! Since becoming a small business owner in 2012, I have acquired an extreme dedication to shopping locally whenever possible. In this lame economy, turning to small business growth is something that will truly revolutionize this country and I am proud to say that I help contribute to the small business movement.

When I graduated from the University of South Florida in December 2011, I specifically remember how hard it was to even find an internship to work for free, let alone an actual paying job. Being a recent college grad in this country is not like it used to be, and getting your dream career is nearly impossible. Unless you create your dream career for yourself.

I have never felt like I was actually contributing to something bigger than myself until I became a small business owner. The pride and emotion I feel towards The Dandy Lion Boutique is beyond overwhelming. Our customers are the most ride or die, supportive group of dandy lovers who truly want the DLB to grow into something bigger than we can even imagine and our employees are not employees. They are my family.

Shopping Small Business Saturday is contributing to your community, your local schools, your local economy, your local job growth and your local business owners. We are not CEOs who have several vacation homes and private planes with million dollar paychecks. We are humble, hard-working Americans trying to share our expertise and passion with anyone who will support the movement!

Happy Holidays and remember to shop locally today and everyday! xoxo